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Machineering: the complete value chain, from engineering to manufacturing!

Offering across 10 technology routes for both exhibitors and visitors/h3>

Exhibitors at Machineering include manufacturers, exclusive distributors, knowledge centres and suppliers, which you will come across along the following routes:

Machineering 2019

Additive and 3D technology for prototyping and industrial mass production.

Additive & New Manufacturing Technologies
Machineering 2019

Joining techniques, welding, gluing, coatings, handlings and techniques that alter, optimise or enhance the properties of materials.

Welding & Surface Technology
Machineering 2019

All the testing, measuring, control and visualisation systems.

Testing & Measuring Technology
Machineering 2019

All the software, technologies and solutions for cloud, big data, IoT, digital manufacturing, manufacturing optimisation, design, supply chain, maintenance, joining, servicing and logistics in the field of materials processing and manufacturing.

Digital, Smart & Data driven Manufacturing Technology
Machineering 2019

Removal, turning, milling, drilling and eroding of materials.

Machining / Milling Technology
Machineering 2019

All the technologies, software and components for maintenance and servicing of manufacturing machines.

Machine Maintenance & Spare Parts Technology
Machineering 2019

Software and technology for designing, developing, testing and prototyping materials and components.

Engineering & Material Design Technology
Machineering 2019

All the technologies for handling, moving, picking & placing and feeding and evacuation around the machine.

Handling & Robotics Technology
Machineering 2019

All the tools and hardened metals for CNC, sheet-metal processing and 3D printing.

Tooling & Machine Equipment Technology
Machineering 2019

Bending, cutting, folding, punching and pressing of materials.

Cutting & Forming Technology

Please BE AWARE of misleading documents !

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